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In every growing organization, workplace support is the primary requirement to keep pace with the modern technology trends, such as online hosting. It is also needed to ensure more collaborative workplace for the next generation workforce.

Given the importance of Workplace Support, GTS offers end-to-end workplace solutions to help you integrate your workplace with your IT technology strategy. With the aim to provide assistance to organizations and meet their workplace requirement, we hire skilled and experienced professionals to carry high-class business results, by monitoring, standardizing and optimizing your services for reduced costs and enhanced efficiencies.

Our workplace support service makes sure that high-tech technology is available and uninterrupted background tool that supports your workforce continuously so that you can focus on creating unique business value for your customers.

The service includes:

  • IT Helpdesk Service

  • Lan Management

  • Desktop Imaging And Management

  • Asset Management

  • Backup And Restore Management

  • Mail Client Messaging Management

  • OS Management

  • Peripheral Management

  • Antivirus Support

  • Desktop, Laptop, Smart Devices Support

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