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Computers are bogged down over time. Whether you use it rarely or frequently, it will start having some issues somewhere down the line. The more you use your PC, the more extra items get created it. There are some files and applications that are loaded automatically when you start your computer. These registry files run the background even though you don't need them. When they capture too much memory, the system performance can be slow.

If you are computer is not working well, it shows some issues, then get professional grade PC service and solutions from us. Our experts will fix the issues anytime whether it is day or night. At GTS, we are committed to incorporating every possible way to resolve the issues. If anyway we are not able to give your proper solutions and fix the PC problems, we can give you refund provided that you complain with us within 30 days.

We have our One time fixed charge Depending on the Problem that customer is facing as well as Member plan i.e  $69.99 for One time along with  $19.99 Monthly recurring charge           


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